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Mortgage Basics – What You Need to Know About Getting a Mortgage

Unless you have deep pockets and can pay for a home entirely in cash, you’re going to need a mortgage. Mortgages are designed to make homeownership possible for people that normally may not be able to get approved for a home loan. In fact, there are special loan programs that ...

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Real Estate Market Outlook for 2023

The real estate market has had a tumultuous run since the start of the pandemic in 2020. Once the virus broke out and worsened in Wuhan, China, most US stock indexes took a major hit due to investors’ uncertainty in the market. Due to the economic downturn, the state of ...

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Buying vs. Renting: Which One is Right for You?

Many potential homeowners wonder whether it makes more sense to buy or rent a home in today’s market. With interest rates creeping up and home prices at historic highs, you may think that now is not a good time to buy a home. However, there are several reasons why buying ...

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