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The information your real estate agent gives you to guide you through the transaction, can have an enormous impact on the deal. There are at least 12 steps from contract to closing table before the transfer of title when a home is bought or sold (not to mention everything from ...

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Sellers – Title Search and CO Search Included

Sellers!!! I have had years of closings and I cannot stress enough that there is no need to wait until the 11th hour to find out if there is an issue with the title of the home.  When selling a house,  I can list dozens of examples of how a ...

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Transitioning Into Phase One

It’s been just over two months since the lockdown on long island and my world was definitely turned upside down.  March 1, weeks before the mandatory stay at home order, as a precautionary measure I stopped going out.  I did what I could from home I got up every day, ...

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