Transitioning Into Phase One

May 27, 2020

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It’s been just over two months since the lockdown on long island and my world was definitely turned upside down.  March 1, weeks before the mandatory stay at home order, as a precautionary measure I stopped going out.  I did what I could from home I got up every day, got dressed and put on my makeup as usual.  I posted a few videos and tried to stay as positive as I could.  Then, all at once, everything came to a screeching halt.  My business as a real estate agent was non-essential.  In addition, I could not get food delivered, did not want to leave the house and I like so many, had a positive, very sick family member during that first two weeks of March.  I was terrified.
As I looked at our “new normal” and at how the world had changed, I had to try to figure out how to navigate it all.   I still had a roof over my head and had food to eat which was much more than most.  My family member had a full recovery and I was lucky enough to be able to retain my buyers and sellers.   Fast forward, I was able to put forth five new deals taking full precautions and following all protocol and rules.  I am writing this today to remind you that no matter what, educating and protecting my client is always my first priority and realtors are still essential to the entire process.
The reason why I was still successful when not being able to show homes, was mainly because of these first few introductory steps I take.   While some agents were getting “why do I need you if you can’t show”, I was educating.  Not showing a house at the same time as the buyer, is nothing new and showings do not have to be simultaneous.  Agents have had to make accommodations for years to see homes separately from a buyer or not make their own listing’s showing.  That popular 1-3 open house time that everyone chooses, makes it very difficult to have multiple clients in different towns in the same two hour slot.  So now, during Covid, outside of health and safety precautions making it a much different scenario, the basic premise remains the same.    Of course I want to see the home to give you my professional assessment, however,  there were and still are plenty of ways I can still advise on a purchase or sale without being there at the same time as you.
If you think about everything that a real estate agent does to protect you, walking into a home together at the same time does not even come close to how valuable and necessary I am to protect your best interest and reach the goal of the closing table.
Although real estate agents are not essential until phase 2 “physically” with you,  I can still make dreams come true and deals happen.   If you are looking to sell or buy  I am your agent!  I am also available to talk in general about the industry I love so much!  Please call me at 516-236-6303.