Real Estate Agent Merrick

June 23, 2020

Real Estate Agent Merrick

Real Estate Agent Merrick, North Merrick, I want you to get and consider as many offers as possible after an open house.  Isn’t that the reason to do one?

In this market, in addition to Merrick and North Merrick, I am serving all towns in Nassau and Suffolk.  I am a Top Agent for Long Island,  therefore I know all sorts of fancy tricks agents are using to get ahead. One that is being used quite often lately is an agent placing an offer at the open house.  If your listing agent tells you to accept this before hearing any other offers coming in for at least 24 hrs, they are not working in your best interest and you are doing yourself a great disservice.  As your Real Estate Agent in Merrick, North Merrick I would tell you to consider everything.  Offers are not about just numbers but also about terms including how they are getting the money for the purchase, what type of loan they need and if they have something to sell first or get out of.  Sometimes the highest price isn’t always the safest and least risk to get to the closing table!

My goal IS to get the buyer to the closing table.  What if someone placed a higher offer for cash one hour after the open house and you already accepted during the open house? Why miss incredible possibilities? I always speak from experience.  Why wouldn’t you take all offers into consideration? You can even give buyers a date to have offers in and then you will decide.  There is no reason when doing an open house to not entertain all offers that come in that day (or possibly 72 hrs later) before accepting anything.

Again,offers have different terms, prices and conditions.   Once you accept an offer at the open house your agent will have to disclose as other offers come in.  If your accepted offer falls apart, other buyers may feel like they didn’t get a fair shot, and trust me they will disappear. If they think you were in such a rush they will offer on other homes and you could potentially lose dozens of buyers.  Why not have backups instead of a lot of disgruntled buyers.

Be aware that in this market buyers are placing multiple offers for homes at the same time.

Why not keep all your options open?  Noone offering at the open house is going anywhere.  They are showing how badly they want to buy.

Doing what is in your best interest is to tell you to give it at least 24 hrs to hear ALL OFFERS.  Give yourself the advantage and leverage. Deals can fall apart at any time so why wouldn’t you give yourself options? Call me for a free listing presentation to help you understand how to always be in control of your home sale. Hear my strategy to get you a quick sale at the best market price! Call me at 516-236-6303. As your Real Estate Agent Merrick, North Merrick, I am here to help you.