Fire Island, Long Island

September 30, 2022

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Fire Island, New York

Fire Island is a barrier island that stretches for 31 miles while only being a few blocks wide. This island has a rich history and is becoming a popular summer spot for New Yorkers who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city during the summer. The ferry takes about 820,000 people onto the island each summer to visit the pristine white sand beaches.

Fire Island’s real estate market started to boom in the 1950s when it emerged as the premier bohemian summer retreat for people of all ages. Today, Fire Island is home to the rich and famous who are able to escape to newly established bungalows, high-end restaurants, and local shops.

This article will discuss everything there is to know about Fire Island, its real estate market, and how you can tune into The Fire Island Show to learn more about the real estate market in this fun summer destination.

What is Fire Island?

You may have heard of Fire Island from the popular television show that follows a group of gay men who share a home on Fire Island for the summer. The show received mostly negative reviews and was not renewed for a second season.

While the television show may have brought some attention to Fire Island, its residents have been enjoying the summer sunshine long before the TV show came along.

Fire Island is made up of 18 different communities that have their own unique personalities. Fire Island is known for its white sand beaches, laid-back lifestyle, tranquil walking paths, and beach sunrises.

No cars are allowed on Fire Island in the summer–they’re only allowed in the winter with a special permit. Most people on the island walk or bike as their primary method of transportation, and it’s not uncommon to see residents using wagons to transport their luggage to and from the ferry.

Fire Island Real Estate

Fire Island’s average home price is only half of the average home price in East Hampton and only one-third of the average price in Nantucket, making living in Fire Island more attractive than in other summer colonies.

According to, homes sell on average in 102 days on Fire Island, and the real estate market isn’t considered very competitive as of September 2022. Home prices have decreased significantly on Fire Island, down over 25 percent since this time last year. Only two homes were sold in August, and Fire Island’s limited inventory is expected to cool down the market on this barrier island in the coming months.

Final thoughts

The Fire Island Show is hosted by Robert Kuhar and Glenn Rice who broadcast on Thursdays at 4 pm to talk about the current state of Fire Island’s real estate market and housing market trends. Be sure to tune in to one of the upcoming Thursday episodes this fall.

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