Home Security Mistakes

December 30, 2023

4 Common Home Security Mistakes to Avoid

In the age of social media and constantly posting our daily lives online, many homeowners don’t realize the implications of sharing personal information to strangers on the internet. 

However, this probably won’t stop the newlyweds from posing outside their new home, the recent high school graduate smiling for photos at the front door, or the sixteen year old showing off their new car on the driveway.

With this in mind, now couldn’t be a better time to have a comprehensive home security system in place in case your personal information ends up in the hands of nefarious actors. Keep reading to find out four common home security mistakes to avoid in the New Year.

Mistake #1 – Low-Quality Locks

The first mistake that many homeowners make is installing low quality locks or failing to replace old ones. This is a problem for several reasons and can put you and your family’s personal safety at risk.

First, low-quality locks are easy for burglars to pick or bypass due to the lack of advanced security features. Cheap or inexpensive locks may have simple cylinder mechanisms that can be easily manipulated with basic lock-picking tools or even makeshift tools like hairpins.

Additionally, burglars use tactics like bumping and drilling to disable locks and gain entry to the home. Bumping is used by criminals to open locks using a special key and bumping device, while drilling allows burglars to drill through the weak materials and disable the lock.

Mistake #2 – Poor Lighting

The next mistake that all too many homeowners make is having poor lighting on their property. This can pose several risks, including the potential for reducing the effectiveness of your home security alarm. Inadequate lighting can trigger false alarms or cause your motion sensors to miss potential intruders.

Poor lighting also decreases visibility around your home and can make it difficult to see clearly at night. This problem can create hiding spots for potential intruders who take advantage of darkness to approach your property undetected.

Mistake #3 – Neglecting Security Systems

The third mistake we see homeowners make is neglecting their home security system altogether. Even for homes in affluent areas, updating and maintaining your home security system is crucial to protect you and your family’s safety.

A home security system also protects your personal property and valuables from intruders. You want to protect your sentimental items and valuable possessions, and having a strong home security system in place is one of the best ways to do so.

Mistake #4 – Not Hiding Valuables

Speaking of valuables, one of the easiest ways to protect yourself from being targeted by burglars is to hide your expensive items. Leaving out items like money, cell phones, laptops, wallets, watches, or jewelry can make you a prime target for criminals. 

Make sure you hide your valuables in drawers or upstairs so they’re out of view from anyone peering through windows or standing at the front door.

Final Thoughts

While new homeowners often check the home security system as part of due diligence before buying the home, it’s important to assess the system’s integrity after move-in. 

Make sure to double check the home’s locks and consider contacting an expert home security advisor to weigh your options when it comes to upgrading your security system.

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