Homeowners Associations – Everything You Need to Know

September 20, 2022

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Homeowners associations (or HOAs) are a necessary part of homeownership that many people tend to resent. HOAs
typically charge dues that cover things like landscaping, security, and maintenance services for the association. If you’re
reading this article, chances are you want to learn more about what HOAs are, how much they cost, and whether or not
you should move to a community with mandatory HOA dues.
What is a homeowners association?
HOAs are designed to create and enforce rules for residents that govern how the community operates. HOAs are not
optional–if you live in a community with an HOA, you must pay their fees to remain a resident. Not all HOAs are
equal–some are more restrictive about property changes, while others may give their residents more freedom to make
changes to their homes. Most HOAs also have a board of directors elected as leaders to enforce the association’s rules.
Understanding HOA dues
As we mentioned, HOA dues are the price you pay to live in a community. These communities sometimes have high
standards and don’t allow just anyone to join their community. There are a number of factors that contribute to the cost of
your HOA dues, including property type, location, amenities, and the number of residents in the association. Luxury
neighborhoods or affluent communities may have HOA dues very high per month, although this isn’t the norm for most
communities. Most people should expect to pay under $1000 per month in HOA dues.
Pros of HOAs
Homeowners associations are meant to uphold the rules and regulations of the community and increase property values
over time. Most HOA restrictions concern the appearance of homes and generally aim to ensure that homes look clean
and are in good condition. HOA dues generally cover things like landscaping, recreational facilities, and parking lots. It’s
important to understand what your HOA dues cover and the standards you’re expected to uphold as a community member.
Cons of HOAs
While HOAs are necessary for most communities, some downsides come with moving into a neighborhood with a
homeowners association. Some of the disadvantages include high fees, unnecessary rules, and inefficient management.
Questions you should ask before moving into an HOA neighborhood
There are some questions that you should ask before you move into a community with a homeowners association,
● What are the rules and regulations of the community?
● How do you run the homeowners association?
● What amenities are covered by the HOA?
● What is the current financial situation of the HOA?
● How much are the HOA dues?
Final thoughts
While you may not like the idea of paying monthly or yearly dues to your homeowners association, the HOAs goal is to
maintain quality standards for the community by imposing rules and regulations for residents. Without an HOA, the

community may suffer, and property values will fall. Call The Kim Holland Homes Team when looking to Sell My House