Incorporate Travel Into Your Home Design

August 6, 2022

Traveling allows you to have new experiences and discover other cultures. And with each trip you take, you’ll want to bring a piece of it back with you.

One way to celebrate your favorite destinations is through your home’s design and decor. Incorporating them into your home can keep those cherished trips front and center — and show off your sophisticated taste.

Are you dreaming of working your travels into your home’s design and ambience? Try these tips:

Evoke a scent. Is there a certain smell that brings you back to your favorite spots? The saltwater from a beach, the crackling logs in a fireplace or the fresh croissants you enjoyed at a cafe each morning? Find a candle, diffuser or air freshener with a similar scent, and use that to bring back fond memories of the experience.

Invest in local goods. The next time you travel, make it a point to visit local artisans and stock up on art and decor specific to the region. Lamps, rugs, sculptures, dishes and paintings are all stylish options for adorning your home.

Create your own art. You can also turn the photos you take into large prints or canvases and hang them in your favorite space. If you snapped lots of pictures, you could create a gallery wall, mixing your photos with some local artwork.

Start a collection. Collections are great ways to encapsulate your journeys. You can save postcards, decorative plates or teacups, and even local currency. Make sure you pick something up for your collection on every trip and plan an artistic way to display them.

Maybe one home isn’t enough to hold all of your travel treasures, so get in touch if you want help finding a new property that fits your design dreams.