What to Do After Your House Offer is Accepted

November 9, 2022

If you put an offer in on a house that was accepted by the sellers, congrats! In today’s market, houses typically have several offers, so getting your offer selected is not always easy to do. But now what? You’ll need to sell your current home or pack up your things from your apartment and get ready to move into a new living space. 

You’ll also need to decide how you will pay for the down payment and earnest money deposit and get ready to produce your income documentation for the lender. This article discusses what to do after your house offer is accepted and the steps you need to take before you move into your next home.

How to get your offer accepted

If you want to buy a house in 2023, you should know what it takes to get your offer accepted over the many others. It all starts with working with a qualified real estate agent in your local area. Real estate agents are experts in negotiating and submitting offers for homes. Real estate agents also assist in closings and make sure you fully understand the contracts and documentation you must sign when buying a home. 

What to do after your house offer is accepted

You got your offer accepted and you may be wondering what to do now. The best part about working with a qualified real estate agent is that they will guide you through the next steps as you move toward closing. You’ll need to make your earnest money deposit and schedule the appraisal if necessary. 

The next step in the process is to buy homeowners insurance and provide proof of it to the lender. Then the next step is to ensure free and clear title. This step is done by the title company who performs title searches to uncover any liens, judgments, or issues with title that could affect ownership rights. 

Home inspections are another key part of the real estate process. The purpose of home inspections is to provide an objective opinion on any repairs that need to be made or other issues relating to the safety of the home. Home inspections are typically paid for by the buyer, so you should make sure that you have at least a few hundred dollars available to pay for the home inspection.

The final walkthrough

You may have heard about the final walkthrough and why it’s so important. The purpose of the final walkthrough is to give the buyer the opportunity to inspect the house one last time before closing takes place. 

The buyer’s real estate agent is often present for the final walkthrough and goes through each room in the home to ensure there are no defects present and that all negotiated repairs have been taken care of.

Final thoughts

Knowing what to do after your house offer is accepted is challenging if you’ve never bought a home before. Even experienced home buyers struggle with many of the steps after the offer is accepted to ensure a smooth closing process. 

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