Why Your Buyer Will Have a Home Survey Completed When Buying Your Home

September 22, 2020

If you are selling your home, know that your potential home buyers will want a survey if you have one…  but most likely their attorney will recommend they get a new one!

A home survey not only showcases a great deal of information about your property, but also shows what your neighbors have done on their property that may or may not have overstepped onto yours.

When working with my own buyers we recommend as well that they should have a home survey completed! That’s why, here at Kim Holland Homes, as Long

Island  realtors, we have gathered some insight to assist you with knowing what a home survey is, and why you should know a buyer will be paying for a new one to be completed. So, if you are all set to discover some helpful information, be sure to read on:

  • What is a Home Survey? A home survey is a document that shows an entire overview of your property, such as land, structures, and features that you own.


  • Presented as a diagram of angles and measurements, a home survey appears as a sketch that’s drawn from an aerial perspective.
  • Home surveys can be simple, by just highlighting boundary lines. Or, they could be more in-depth, showing more detailed information, such as past improvements that have been completed on the property, topography, and utilities.
  • What Does a Home Surveyor Look For? Typically, a home surveyor looks for the following:
    • The legal boundaries of the land
    • Locations of any structures on the land
    • All entrances to the property
    • The topography of land, including both natural and man-made features
  • How Much Does a Home Survey Cost? In general, a home survey could cost anywhere from $550 to $1,000, depending on the size of the property, and the location.


  • Do I Need to Have a Home Survey Completed? It is not mandatory to have a home survey completed if you are selling your house. However, know that by having one, it may help to add transparency to home purchase. In fact, a home survey could even change the direction of a transaction, for better or for worse. Here are some examples, to show how having a home survey could be beneficial:
  • A buyer had purchased 50 acres, but later discovered that the fences on the land were all off by about 98 feet, which was discovered by a surveyor!
  • Sometimes, neighbors build over property lines, or fences are presented on boundary lines. By having a home survey completed, you can confirm the actual boundary lines, so that there are no discrepancies.

A home survey is certainly an ideal way to ensure that you have all of the proper information about your property. We hope that this insight has assisted you with seeing the benefits of having a home survey completed for your own property!

Are you ready to work with a real estate agent in Massapequa, New York to sell your own home? If so, please contact us here at Kim Holland Homes! Having helped sell a myriad of homes, we would be pleased with the opportunity to do the same with yours!