December 16, 2019

Think about the following questions before you move forward to list your home…

  1. What is your motivation to sell?
  2. Are there any other owners that are not aware of the sale or need to be part of the decision to sell?
  3. Do you have any permit or CO issues; have you checked with the town?
  4. Are you setting the price of your home correctly for a quick, effective and lucrative sale?
  5. Are you willing to stage your home, make any repairs or freshly paint so that your homes attributes make a wonderful first impression, to get the maximum exposure to the widest reach of potential buyers?
  6. Are you prepared to move temporarily if you do not have a home by the time you close?
  7. Are you just listing it to see what you can get?
  8. Have you interviewed more than one agent to compare strategy, pricing and marketing?
  9. Do you need the money from you home sale to buy another property?
  10. If you need the money from your home sale to buy another property, has you real estate agent explained the best way to proceed with this situation?


One Example of How You Can Lose Money When Not Prepared To Sell:

Jones Street had some things that needed to be addressed for the home to be prepared to show and sell to potential buyers. In addition to nothing being addressed, the home also listed at 100K over the home’s value. It received several generous offers at market value (not listing price) but ended up expiring anyway.

Fast Forward 18 months later….the home relisted at the appropriate market value and and the sellers addressed everything necessary to prepare the home to show and sell.  The sellers took the same offer they got 18 months earlier from a new buyer, but lost an additional 40K in property taxes.  


Make sure when you are ready to sell your home, you know why you are selling and what your motivation is. When you want to sell your home you want to do it right the first shot out of the gate to get the maximum amount of money. I will help you make this happen!

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