December 16, 2019

I cannot stress enough that you need to be represented when both buying and selling a home!

Buying and selling homes are both monumental events in a person’s life.

As important as needing a doctor to manage your health, you need a real estate professional helping you with this financial investment.  Homeownership sometimes only happens once, and is usually your biggest future asset to buy or biggest current asset to sell, so why wouldn’t you use a professional’s help?

It is not hard to believe that over 90% of people looking for homes look online first.

Your agent should be immersed in technology, and up to date with the current market.  They should be an innovative thinker.  You choose a real estate agent because they educate you about the process and market and have experience.  You should feel a sense of trust, honesty and full disclosure from them.

Tips For Sellers

Marketing your home should not only showcase it professionally in photos, but also reach every available online social resource, therefore attracting buyers outside the NY market as well, that may be relocating to your area.  You choose a listing agent because you have thoroughly interviewed them. You know their entire course of action all the way to the last day of the listing agreement.  They give you constant feedback and they are managing your home sale themselves.

Tips For Buyers

You can find homes pretty much anywhere now, including Facebook groups, Instagram, and LinkedIn, so does your agent know when and how to tap into these important outlets for you?  Remember, they work for you and should be doing the majority of the work.  You choose a buying agent because they are looking out for your best interest to help you search, offer and negotiate the best home for you.

You want someone working for you that can answer all of your questions and educate you about the entire process.

Knowledge is power and knowing the process of buying and selling to the fullest extent, all the way to the closing table, is what will give you a successful and smooth transaction, but most of all a solid investment.

I am here to help you get to the next level of homeownership, move to that retirement home, downgrade for a simpler life or get out of an overwhelming situation.  Being so thorough is what has maintained my relationships with my past clients that I am now grateful to call my friends.  To know that my past clients trust me enough to continue to refer me to their friends & family, is the best compliment I could ever ask for therefore allow me to do the same for you!

Kim Holland Homes