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April 8, 2020


Thank you to all our first responders, including everyone delivering food, mail & packages, shipping companies and drivers and anyone keeping us all going!

In these very challenging times, real estate agents are not allowed to do one on one showings and must work from home. First and foremost, I would like to say that even when the ban was lifted for a small 24 hour window last week, there was still absolutely no way I would suggest any of my clients to put themselves and their family at risk to get Covid-19.  It is definitely not business as usual for realtors. Although some licensed agents are still choosing to take the health risk, the safety and good health of my clients, their family and my own family are more valuable than any commission ever could be.

Staying Home and avoiding contact with the public unless absolutely necessary will bring our lives back to normalcy sooner than later.  With that said, if it is absolutely imperative that you buy or sell right now, because life gets in the way sometimes, I would like to let you know how I can help.

The words “low inventory ” are still lingering and I am right here to answer all your questions.  Feel free to use Zoom, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, Facebook or the old fashioned phone call to reach out! Whether you are ready to list or you need a home market analysis for the future, don’t hesitate to contact me for some complimentary, professional advice, with no obligation or cost.

You will get extensive information about your own home, and strategies to list it at top dollar now or in the future.  What has now become mainstream with “Virtual” showings has always been a part of my services, since it has the broadest marketing base to the general public.  Here are some of my additional services included as your listing agent.

Professional Photography – The first thing a buyer for your home will see online are your pictures. Pictures alone can make a buyer decide NOT to come view your home. Shots that don’t fill the entire frame, blurry shots, weird wide angle lenses, bad lighting, and the money shot of the front of the home that is obstructed are all less than professional. This can all directly impact your sale. I always guarantee professional photography.
Floorplans – Buyers are getting smarter every year.  Now they bring tape measures with them to see if their furniture fits.  The buyer shouldn’t have to do any work to wonder if they should buy your home.  Having a floor plan they can take home with them allows them to picture how they will make your home THEIR home and place an offer.   I always guarantee a floor plan.
3D photos – In addition to the floor plan, I will give buyers a dollhouse view of the home.  What this means is that a buyer can look at your home with basically the roof off just like a dollhouse.  It gives them more information than just a floor plan because they can see how the home will flow on every floor. They get to see what rooms are above and below one another as well! I always guarantee 3D photos.
3D Video Tour –   Some may think a slideshow of still photos is a video tour but do not be deceived.  With a 360 degree video camera, my videographer will move both through your home and outside, as I highlight all the amenities, upgrades and showcase the unique qualities that a still shot cannot possibly present to the public. I will also film additional video tours to let people know about open houses. Buyers want to be engaged on social media and it is proven that they click more on video than they do on still shots. I always guarantee 3D videography.
Drone photography – Drone photography is important for a buyer to see the entire property from above, especially when there is a larger property, a pool, exceptional landscaping, waterfront, or water views. It presents the home in a much different light and more like the buyer is looking at their new neighborhood.  I always guarantee drone photography.
Showings In A Virtual World – You hired me to sell your home, not the buyers agent or someone else in my company.  When an appointment is made I will be describing your home, discussing the amenities and possibilities and relaying all of the facts to my best knowledge.  This should never lie on your shoulders.  Even if your home is vacant, it is still my job to “SELL” your home.  The questions a potential buyer may have that I can answer on the spot and the details I give about the house can be the difference between them wanting to see it or not being impressed at all.  We can discuss how I can show your home remotely.  You will actually witness first hand what selling a home entails and how to navigate a buyers concerns!  You want to hire someone who will sell your house 200% even in a virtual world.
Staging – Staging a home is an extremely important part of putting a home on the market.  The buyer should be able to easily view their own family and personal belongings in the home within the first seconds through the front door.  That is how long it takes for a buyer to judge your home! I guarantee I will always help you stage the home when you hire me as your listing agent.
During these unprecedented times, buyers are still buying, homes are being listed every day and new contracts being drawn up. Closings are still taking place.  I will be with you every step of the way with updates and the next steps to keep the most important sale of your life a smooth and stress free transaction.
Stay Safe and Healthy!
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