February 22, 2020

real estate, open house, getting offers on my home

As a listing agent, I want you to get and consider as many offers as possible after an open house.  Isn’t that the reason to do one?

In the market, agents are coming up with all sorts of fancy tricks to get ahead. If an agent places an offer at open house and you accept before hearing other offers, you are doing yourself a great disservice.  What if someone placed a higher offer for better terms one hour after the open house?  Why wouldn’t you take all offers into consideration that same day?  There is no reason when doing an open house to not entertain all offers that come in that day before accepting anything.

Offers have different terms, prices and conditions. Once you accept an offer at an the open house your agent will tell everyone that you did.  If your accepted offer backs out and those other offers feel like like they didn’t get a fair shot, trust me they will disappear. Why not have backups instead of a lot of disgruntled buyers.

Be aware that buyers are placing multiple offers for homes at the same time. They also might say they are waiving an inspection, that doesn’t necessarily mean when they speak to their attorney that the attorney won’t advise otherwise and they change their mind.

Why not keep all of your options open?  No one offering at the open house is going anywhere.

Doing what is in your best interest is to tell you to give it a few hours to hear ALL OFFERS.  Give yourself the advantage and leverage. Deals die all the time so why wouldn’t you give yourself options? Call me for a free listing presentation to help you understand how to always be in control of your home sale.